(512) 587.6359
(512) 587.6359
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Happy Fall!!

Hello folks!

Wow! It is already busy in Circle C, Legend Oaks, Brodie Heights! My dogs have been barking all week 🙂

We have also had several missing dogs in our area. Please keep an eye out for Deeds ( black/tan shepherd) and Junie B ( tan lab red collar) If you see them, please call me 512-587-6359.

Allergies are definitely crazy, dogs feel it too! Some signs of allergies in dogs are itching face,chewing paws, and red itchy eyes ( like us). It is perfectly safe to give your pup a Benedryl daily to help with these symptoms…

If you are traveling for holidays.. let me know soon! I am almost booked.

Happy Halloween! If you have cute photos of your pups dressed up… please send to me!!!!! I will gladly post .

Love to all your pets,