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Hello, thanks for checking out Darcy’s Dog Dayz!

It is a great privilege to take care of your pets. I want you to know that I’m so excited to meet you and your family.

I have been married for 19 years to the best guy ever, Ryan.  We have 2 teenagers, Tristan and Reese.  Currently we only have 4 dogs (very sad for me). I would have 10 if my family allowed it!  I have fostered over the years and hosted several fundraisers for SARA.  I believe in rescuing dogs, helping our community to be better pet owners, and lending a helping hand when I can!

Prior to my pet career, I taught Kindergarten and First Grade in AISD.  I began nannying/petsitting thereafter as a natural continuation as a service provider in our community.

I have been taking care of dogs for the past 10 years for friends and family.  I was lucky enough to work at Dog Camp, in Driftwood, Tx, for 4 years. This job taught me so much about myself, and jumpstarted my desire to go out on my own. I cannot thank the Dog Camp family enough for that experience!!

After a family change I needed to stay home with my daughter, Reese, to homeschool.  During this life change, I started professionally pet sitting in Austin, Tx. I am proud to say my business to date has been through word of mouth/ Facebook.

In 2015, I became insured and bonded through Pet Sitters Associates, formed Darcy’s Dog Dayz LLC, and created this awesome website!! I also joined NAPPS, PSA, and Austin Petsitters.

As a professional Pet Sitter, my top concern is the safety of your pets and home.  For this reason, I have forms for new clients to keep everyone safe, and to make sure I do the best job I can for you!  I also believe that a healthy pet is a happy pet!

Darcy Ludlow

Darcy Ludlow

Owner/Pet Sitter


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My name is Cory. I have a background in healthcare and physical therapy, and have been petsitting for 20+ years. In those year of petsitting, I have developed a passion for bird and small animal rescuing.

All of my life I have been an animal lover. We have a cat, two dogs, and twelve birds. Wyatt is a twelve year old Blue Lacy and was born def but you would never know it and he as never missed a beat. Bruce our little 6 year old rescue and the sweetest Chihuahua you will ever meet. People call him “my little shadow” and he has been going to work with me, everyday, for over 5 years. Our oldest is Milly. She is a fifteen year old Tabby who thinks that she is just one of the pack. We also have 12 beautiful Lady Gouldian finches that have multiplied from our rescued pair.

I look forward to meeting and working with your pets!